15 Things Every Committed Guy Wants To Tell Their Single Counterparts


Being committed brings with it a few ‘must-knows’ of what it feels to be on the other side for men. Sometimes, its fairy-tale and unicorns and at times, one goof-up and she is all red and scorned!Being committed brings with it a few ‘must-knows’ of what it feels to be on the other side for men. Sometimes, its fairy-tale and unicorns and at times, one goof-up and she is all red and scorned! So, for those willing to trade or give up their single-hood, or for the ones who just want to know the feels of being in a relationship or wanting to be in one, take a note of the below pointers !

1. When you’re single, the sky is the limit for your money savings.


The perks of being single, money. Loads of it! You can squander all that you want on the first day of the month and still have it to get you through the entire month!


2. Like a girl? Try to know her first!


Going head over heels is absolutely fine, but building castles in the air is a waste of time. Talk to her, get to know her, maybe she feels the same way, or maybe she is not in the same place as you are.

3. Never fear commitment.


Ok, so she does want to take things to the next level? Cheers! But, wait! You fear she might cling around you in the next seven lives and follow you till ‘death-do-us-apart’! DON’T. If she is ready to stay committed, then she is serious and has made up her mind. So, you too be sincere about it.


4. Make her feel special.


Now that you see her from time to time, make your gal feel special. It need not be a fancy dinner every time, but a simple compliment or the fact that how much she means to you can work wonders, albeit you mean it.


5. Be responsible.



Being responsible not only for yourself, but for your family and for her is a very big asset because this assures her that you are a really good investment for her future! Someone who takes a stand for what he believes in and does not depend on others too much.


6. Always give her the space she needs.


We know you like her a lot, and her company makes you go to the moon and back. However, even in relationships, one needs solitude and space to be with oneself. So, if she demands it, then its okay!


7. Respect her and her dreams.


Respect her for who she is, do not try to fit your own image of her and project it. She maybe an independent woman, and has her own aspirations that she has always dreamt of, just like you. So, do not be a thorn or a prick in her way. Be supportive of her.


8. Don’t two time with someone else.


Just because you are not officially committed, does not mean you can go about flirting with every other girl you see. She will notice and give you a notice period and then its all over!


9. Listen to her.


Men say they don’t know what women want, but most of times, it’s because they are not paying close attention to what she is trying to say. So, listen to her, make notes of the hints she makes (if you can’t remember) and surprise her with the gift she has been waiting for!


10. Always speak your mind.


Guys have feelings too and if there is something that bothers you, then speak it. Men generally try to suppress, but that is harmful in the long run. If the relationship is a burden, then walk the talk. Don’t let the happy memories come in the way.


11. It is never the end of the world.


Maybe it will be over even before it begins and she is not the one. So what? It is not like she is the last girl on this planet! Have patience, get your act together, live your single-hood (Its temporary and that’s what makes it so special) and remember what Barney Stinson said!!


12. Uninterrupted sports and games on TV.


The suspense, the drama, the nail-biting thriller and last minute wins and losses! Nothing is worth trading this for when you are single and your friends want to come over for a nice sports match. Being single gives you unlimited and uninterrupted access to it!

13. No problems due to her mood swings


Let’s face it, being committed and not having to face her mood swings is thing that even fiction writers cannot fathom about! You wake up in the morning, a long day awaits you and she is already up with her tantrums is not exactly how you imagine your day to begin with!


14. You do not have to remember any dates


Being single is something that gives you all the time in the world to do anything, anywhere and anytime. No need to remember any dates or birthdays or gift shopping or a surprise party. You’re just way too relaxed to remember!


15. You can flirt unabashedly.


No girlfriend, no problem. The meadows are all for you to graze! You can flirt with the girl you have in sights without the fear of losing because… remember? You are having the time of your life being single!

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