16 Of The Funniest Youtube Comments You Will Ever Come Across

Over the past few years YouTube has become one of our go-to websites for everything from handy tutorials to hours of entertainment. With the channel’s staggering popularity amongst people worldwide, you probably can understand why most videos on the channel have a stunningly large number of comments. And more often than not, these comments are pretty funny too! So get ready to laugh your head off at some of the most hilarious YouTube comments to ever make their way into the public eye!

1. This comparison of a jazz artist to a chipmunk


 Dizzy Gillespie Youtube

2. This guy might actually be a murderer..


Stun Sword Youtube


3. Fighting people with arms, good point raised


technique on how to punch youtube


4. This one’s for all Pokemon fans out there


brock best line ever youtube


5. When you remember the indestructible Nokia


nokia jokes youtube


6. This talented pineapple

we will rock you youtube

7. Words are important

yedi mind youtube videos

8. Apparently, dogs are smarter than we thought


kitten youtube video


9. This epic burn


Durex Condoms


10. Remember, ‘swiper no swiping’?

tvnorge youtube channel

11. When the sun hits your eyes

oakley youtube

12. This morning exercise

physical therapy exercise

13. Pitbull’s appearance, simplified

pitbull youtube

14. ‘Science’


15. This Harry Potter reference

impossible guitar youtube

16. Hahahahaha

testsite youtube

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