21-Yr-Old Engineering Dropout Develops App ‘Strugler’ To Help Bollywood Struggling Actors

To become an actor is a dream for many! From the director yelling “ACTION” to the spot boys focusing the light on the center stage, it is the glee and the gratification of performing and pitching in monologues and dialogues in such an ambience that pulls many from all across the country to Mumbai with the hopes of making it big in the Bollywood industry. But, many struggle and juggle as to how and where to audition, let alone the tedious auditions itself! Such is the case of 21-yr-old Karmaditya Bagga.

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Karmaditya Bagga went to United States to complete his graduation in engineering. However, he loved Bollywood to the core and always wanted to become an actor.

During his third semester break, he went on to try his luck and give acting a try, with no idea from where to start, whom to contact and how to go about auditioning. He stayed in Mumbai with his friend, but things did not go the way he planned. He said,

I started looking for auditions. But it’s not easy to find auditions and there is absolutely no platform where you can find reliable auditions. I called random production houses, but nothing worked out. It was a full struggling actor package.

He would start showing up at director’s offices with any appointments, stand in queue for hours in scorching heat to get selected, even if it meant acting in commercials or telebrands! This is when he came up with a plan!

Along with a theatre friend and a coder, he built an app called Strugler. There are hundreds of wannabe actors who flock into the city hoping to get a break into acting, but without any guide of audition’s locations and dates. So, the app Strugler is tailor made just for them.


Bagga said,

As an actor, survival depends on you cracking auditions consecutively, especially when you don’t have contacts or godfathers in the film industry, which 99 percent actors don’t.


The app provides a budding actor with new information about auditions every day in Mumbai or any other city, using GPS. An actor can select a specific city or the ‘near me’ option to find suitable auditions. The ‘navigation’ feature gives them the exact location of the audition, even in remote areas.

Select the city

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Choose the audition

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One can also add location of auditions in the app if they know any! This is indeed an exceptional app to guide those who want to pursue acting and modeling in fashion shows. You can check the website strugler here.


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