These 5 New Rules Will Bring Major Changes In Cricket

Cricket is a religion in India like no other sport. Team India is currently no. 1 in Test Cricket and is well on its way in the ODI as well. The enthusiasm for the sport is unparalleled. Now, ICC has brought in several new rules in the game that will bring major changes in the sport and potentially change the game forever.




(1) DRS

A captain will not lose the DRS in case a decision remains unchanged, solely as the result of an ‘umpire’s call’. The ICC officials said,

“As for DRS in Test matches, there will be no more top-up reviews after 80 overs of an innings, meaning that there can only be two unsuccessful reviews in each innings, while the DRS will now also be allowed to be used in T20s.”


(2) Run-Outs

Run-outs will become difficult.

The new rule says,

“If a batsman is running or diving towards the crease with forward momentum, and has grounded his/her bat behind the popping crease but subsequently lost contact with the ground at the time of the wickets being put down, the batsman will not be run out.”


(3) Helmet

The batsmen can still be out caught, stumped or run out if the ball bounces off the helmet worn by a fielder or wicket-keeper.


(4) Send-offs

This has been inspired by football! If a player is caught in a verbal altercation with other players or the umpire, then he will be receive the wrath of a send-off! This will be done for Level 4 offences only.



(5) Dimensions of Bat

The thickness of bats has now been restricted. The edge of the bat can be no thicker than 40 millimeters (1.5 inches) and the overall depth of the bat no more than 67mm (2.6 inches).




Other rules include that each team can name six substitutes in Test cricket. Also, Any byes or leg byes scored off a no-ball will now be scored separately.

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