5 Starbucks Hacks That You Need To Know


Cold brew or classic cappuccinos, we are so much in love with Starbucks that it doesn’t really hurt to spend some extra money on our favorite cup of coffee. But do you know with the help of a few hacks you can make your Starbuck coffer tastier and stronger? Try these secret hacks the next time you hit the Starbucks for coffee.


1. If you think your drinks are too hot, ask them to serve it on ‘kids’ temperature. You’ll find your drink to be much more pleasant to drink as they’ll warm it 135 degree which is comparatively lesser to the usual temperature they serve.

Starbucks coffee


2. The Iced tea you order contains a lot amount of water. But you can ask for “no water” iced tea as they have a pre-made concentrated mixture which they dilute by 50%. So if you need better flavor and more tea, escape the H20.

Starbucks coffee


3. If you’re ordering a cappuccino, you should order a “short cappuccino” as it is the strongest and the best kind they serve out of various other options on the menu card.

Starbucks coffee


4. You probably like tea but not the amount of sweetness they serve in your tea latte. To alter the sweetness according to your taste, order a hot tea with teabags (which is comparatively cheaper) and ask them to add hot milk. You can then add sugar or honey according to your taste.

Starbucks coffee


5. Whenever you’re ordering a iced coffee/ tea, ask them to go easy on the ice because too much ice messes up with the authentic taste and also leaves less room for the good stuff.

Starbucks coffee

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