6 Don’ts To Save You From Turning Your Interview Into A Disaster

Whether it’s for the job of your dreams or a spot in the course you wish to pursue, interviews are an important part of everyone’s professional career. And if you’re relatively new to the interview game then the interview is probably the scariest and most ominous part of the recruitment process for you. Sure, a lot of people or sites on the internet can give you pointers on what you should do in order to ace your interview but the truth is that everyone has their own way of performing in such situations.

So instead, we’ll make your job easier (and hopefully calm your nerves) with a few things that you definitely shouldn’t do if you want the outcome of your interview to lean in your favor!

1. Don’t be late (even if you know that you’ll have to wait around in the sitting room when you get there)

Arriving at the venue on time is probably something you’re not acquainted with, but it’s a vital thing when you go for an interview. Make sure that you set off from your home with an extra half hour to spare to ensure that you arrive on time, because nothing sets a bad expression as being late!



2. Don’t dress up or look shabby (keep in mind to look as well groomed as possible)

The first impression carries a lot of weight during interviews, so make sure to don a crisp and ironed set of formals even if the company you’re looking to join has a casual dress code. Don’t forget to make sure your hair is neat and well-trimmed and guys, you’ll have to sacrifice that facial mane of yours if you don’t want to appear shabby.




3. Don’t look down (your eyes shouldn’t keep wandering to your feet, or focusing on something in distance)

When you’re sitting in front of the interviewing panel you might feel the urge to stare at those new shoes of yours or simply avert your gaze from them, but eye contact is something that you simply must maintain if you want the panel to take you seriously and give out positive vibes.


look down


4. Don’t step into the room without a breath freshener (brushing your teeth in the morning doesn’t count)

Morning breath is something that is bound to reduce your confidence, but even if your breath doesn’t smell terrible; a pop of something cool and fresh will only boost your confidence while you answer the panel’s questions. So pop in a few silver covered elaichis from a pack of rajnigandha silver pearls and you’re good to go!




5. Don’t be nervous or fidgety (under confidence is one attribute that no one loves to have around)

Calm your nerves before you step into the interview room because, in all honesty, there’s nothing to be worried about. An interview is mainly something that helps your future employers get to know if you’re suitable for their company’s environment, and well, they’re normal people just like you! So keep calm and relaxed, there’s nothing to worry about!




6. Don’t be over confident (too much of a good thing can turn out to be bad)

Confidence is one quality that earns you extra points on your interview, but being over confident is something that might be off putting for your future employers. So be confident while you’re talking, but don’t be too confident and remember to keep that ego of yours in check!


star wars


So as long as you’ve got the above don’t(s) covered, you’re bound to leave a stellar impression on your interview panel which will definitely tip the scales in your favor!

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