7 Food Hacks To Enjoy Fresh Food At All Times

We all love to gorge on our favourite food at our favourite restaurant. But have you ever thought that you might be getting cheated with the food served to you? Many food joints offer little to no fresh food and many a times, even at the reputed or branded food joints, you get food which was prepared hours ago and is placed in the oven just before serving it to you. So, here a few fast food hacks that’ll assure you fresh food each time on your journey.

1. Ask for unsalted fries at McDonalds and Wendy’s

mac d fries

Each time you go the McDonalds or Wendy’s and wish to have fries, ask them for the unsalted ones. This will guarantee that they serve you freshly prepared fries and not the fries which were sitting under a heating lamp for long. Well! you can add the seasoning yourself on the fries later.

2. Ask for no sugar tea from the roadside vendor

kolkata tea

Whenever you order tea from a roadside vendor, the chances of you being served with tea which was prepared hours ago run very high. So next time ask the vendor to prepare sugar free tea, this will force the vendor to make a fresh batch, although you can ask him for some sugar.

3. Customize your burger at Burger King

mcd mcmuffin malcolm


Customizing your burger at Burger King assures its freshness. Even if all you want is extra-pickles or less onions, you must do that so that they prepare your burger fresh.

 4. Ask for round egg instead of folded egg at McDonalds’ Egg Burger

mcdonalds eggs

There are 3 kinds of eggs used for making the Egg Burger at McDonalds. The best taste and quality is of the round egg. Usually when you order the egg burger, you get scrambled egg pressed into a patty which is the most tasteless way of preparing the burger.

 5. Order ‘Off The Boiler’ to get the freshest burger at Burger King

Burger King

When you order your food and literally say “off the broiler” or “OTB,” servers will take a fresh, uncooked hamburger patty and send it through the conveyor. In about seven minutes you’ll have a freshly made hamburger that hasn’t been sitting for a while on the warming tray.

 6. Go during the rush hours

Dominos pizza

The best and foremost solution to avoid gorging on stale food is to visit a food joint during peak hours. When the restaurant is crowded with customers, the chances of you getting repeatedly heated nuggets would be really less.

 7. Ask for no ice iced-tea or cold coffee at Starbucks

enhanced buzz star

Whenever you’re ordering a iced coffee/ tea, ask them to go easy on the ice because too much ice messes up with the authentic taste and also leaves less room for the good stuff.


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