7th Pay Commission: Govt. Employees Might See A Min. Pay Hike Of Rs. 21,000 From Next Financial Year

The news of minimum pay hike of central government employees under the 7th Pay commission has been doing rounds for a long time now. The existing commendation of the minimum salary of a central government employee is Rs. 18,000 per month and it is expected to raise up to Rs. 21, 000 and the fitment factor which is currently 2.57 time might raise to 3.00 times.


The increased delay in hike has already agitated around 48 lakh government employees who thus, demanded Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to interfere in the matter. And now, there is a hope that the minimum pay hike will become a reality by the next financial year.

It was reported earlier by the media that Modi-government gave its green signal for the hike in minimum pay and fitment factor and they want the action to take place by January 2018.

Though, the final decision on the matter will be made by the National Anomaly Committee (NAC) and Department of Expenditure. This committee consists of a panel of 22 members and is headed by Secretary, Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) which involves members from both the official and the staff side.

In another interesting report, it was also acknowledged that if the minimum pay hike increases, then the government might stop arrears provided on it.


On June 28, Union cabinet had approved of raising the minimum pay from Rs. 7,000 to Rs. 18,000 per month and fitment factor to 2.57 times, along with many other recommendations under the 7th Pay Commission but the employees showed their disapproval and disappointment later on the approved recommendations and demanded that the minimum pay should be raised to Rs. 26,000 from Rs. 18,000 and fitment factors to rise to 3.68 times under 7CPC.

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