A Green Billboard Innovated By MIT Students Could Be Our New Hope Of Breathing In Fresh Air

In a recent technological development, a group of students from Manipal University of Technology (MIT) has invented a Green Billboard which purifies the air as it flows through it. Envisioned by Dhruv Suri, an aeronautical engineering student, along with his 2 batchmates Rahil Nayak and Priyanshi Somani have devised this Green Billboard in a period of almost 14 months which incorporates an air purifier, better known as Carbon Dioxide scrubber.

MIT students


In an interview with Bangalore Mirror, Dhruv talked about his project and said, “We fit an air purifier that is called a carbon dioxide scrubber inside a billboard. It looks like a normal billboard with an advertisement in the front, but inside is the purification system. On one side of the board, air is drawn in through a large fan and we use sodium hydroxide, a chemical that has the ability to absorb carbon dioxide, and clean air is then let out the other side. The best part of the technology is that the carbon dioxide that is caught is pressurized and made into pellets. These pellets would be sold to greenhouses that use carbon dioxide. There is a lot of mechanical engineering and thermodynamics involved in the reaction as we have to make sure that sodium hydroxide does not get out into the air. The product works efficiently.”


He also mentioned that a normal-sized billboard which would be of 15×21 feet would cost approximately Rs. 10 lakh and it would be well-fitted with the solar panels. He further informed that the purifier can be fit into the regular billboards too and the price would vary with its size. 

He then said, “Being an aeronautical engineering student, I have been working a lot on wind and renewable energy. I came across an article from Japan where the bus stops double up as air purifiers. I am from Delhi and there is no doubt that the metros are getting extremely polluted. The pollution might not be visible but there is so much of carbon dioxide in the air. After a brain-storming session, we designed the final prototype.” 

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