After Gorakhpur, 49 Infants Die In Farrukhabad Hospital Allegedly Due To Lack Of Oxygen

Gorakhpur tragedy sent shockwaves in the country, wherein many children died due to lack of oxygen supply, resulting in an outrage. The dust has not even settled and a similar incident has occurred. This time it is in Farrukhabad Hospital where 49 infants have died due to the same alleged reason of dearth of oxygen supply.

Overall, 30 children died at the hospital’s unit for newborns and 19 died during delivery. Most of them due to “perinatal asphyxia”, a condition in which the child cannot breathe properly. Parents of many of the children in Farrukhabad told officials that there was a delay in providing oxygen and medicines.

Farrukhabad Superintendent of Police (SP) Dayanand Mishra said,

“On Sunday evening, based on a written complaint filed by magistrate Jainendra Kumar Jain in Nagar Kotwali police station regarding the deaths of children, we lodged an FIR against CMO Uma Kant Pandey, CMS B P Pushkar and a few doctors of RML hospital. Further action will be taken as the investigation proceeds.”

Following the repetitive incidents of deaths of new born children as well as those born right after delivery is becoming a major cause of concern. It leads to a great deal of ordeal to the hapless parents.The government should step in and regulate the hospitals. Timely inspections can avoid such mishaps from recurring.

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