After Just A Few Hours Of Heavy Rain, AIIMS Hospital Turns Into A Flooded Wreck

With the torrents of rain that overtook the NCR region earlier today, the entire city is flooded beyond compare from just a few hours of heavy rainfall. But what’s more galling than the treacherous state of the roads and lanes is the condition of one of the capital’s ‘finest’ hospitals; AIIMS.

Everyone knows that AIIMS is the hospital to go for the best treatments and doctors that the capital has to offer, so it would probably be safe to assume that the government has invested in a proper infrastructure for the same, right?

Actually, the answer is no. Here’s what the hallways inside AIIMS hospital looked like this morning:

AIIMS Corridor

Not only are the hallways completely filled with water, but there seems to be no one bothered by this as well.

AIIMS during rain

It is indeed grieving to know that one of the most frequented hospitals of the region, where over thousands of patients go every day doesn’t have appropriate plumbing facilities. It seems that the hallways of this nationally acclaimed hospital and educational institution are no better than the floods on the road.

In fact, in some places the water is so deep that your entire leg is bound to vanish.

AIIMS during monsoon

And what’s worse is the condition of the sitting area. It looks like the aftermath of a hurricane instead of just a few hours of the seasonally expected monsoon rain.

With the amount of money being expended on political campaigns, is it too much for the government to fund for the maintenance of a hospital which thousands of lives depend upon? Especially with the growing risk of water borne diseases with this development, it’s about time that the government splurged money on something more vital than other luxuries.


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