Akshay Kumar Has An Inspiring Message For The Youth

It is a known fact that Indian are one of the most depressed and stressed out in the world and the majority of them being the youth. While it is an irony that young adolescents and the youth stay under the guiding shelter of parents, it is during this stage itself that most take the hasty decision to end their own life, succumbing to the ‘pressures’ of life.

In a bid to change the trend of suicides among the youth, Akshay Kumar, who recently received the National Award for Best Actor category for Rustom, sent out a heart-felt and an inspiring message through a video over Twitter.

Akshay begins by expressing his gratitude over the National Award win and recalls a memory from the past when his father asked him to introspect and identify his interests when he failed as a school student.

Here is what he said,

“I remember the day when my result was announced and I hadn’t score too well. I won’t lie — I actually failed in that class. On my way back home, I kept thinking that I’d be thrashed. That day, my father asked me what I wanted to pursue in my life. I said mai khel kood karna chaahta hoon, khiladi ban na chaahta hoon. And he said fine, concentrate on that. We’ll support you.”

Talking about suicides,

“Tumhari jaan ek exam ki marksheet se sasti ho gayi hai? No matter what stress you have in life, just imagine the condition of your parents when they’ll find out about your suicide. Shayad aap soch bhi nahi sakte unhe kaise feel hoga.

Finally his two cents to the parents where they need to understand and realize the importance of acknowledge as well as address the child’s mental condition and interact with them on their day-to-day happenings.

“It’s important to share problems and not let them pile up in one’s mind and heart.”

Watch the complete video here:

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