Alleged SSC Paper Leaks In CGL Tier-II Exam Causes Huge Uproar

The Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is the most sought after the exam, as it opens the doors to the coveted Government opportunities. Candidates all over the exam give this exam after rigorous preparations. However, all seems undone when the paper leaks and the controversies that ensues leads to outrage among the candidates.



Many candidates are revolting against the SSC paper leak and demanding for the CBI to make an inquiry into the matter as they allege a scam in the conduct of the examination. The commission has finally decided to hear the protestors.

A student said,

“On February 21, we had our mathematics paper. Minutes prior to the exam, a Facebook page that exposes SSC scams revealed that the question paper with the answers was leaked. The SSC again cited “technical glitch” and postponed the exam by two hours. The paper was supposed to be held at 10:30 am, but was held at 12:30 am.”

Some students had already answered for 15 mins when postponement was declared. The student continues,

“Some of the students confirmed that the questions they answered in those 15 minutes were the same as those uploaded by SSCtube.”

The below page revealed the SSC leak:


Another controversy was that some students gave their exams by remotely controlling it.


Twitterati reacted as well:

















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