Amazon Offers 7 Lac and 3 Month Salary to Start a New Business

Amazon is racing to deliver packages faster and wants to reduce its Prime shipping down to one day by expanding its Delivery service partner program which is why the company is encouraging employees to quit their job and start their own package delivery company without worrying about a break in their pay. And, in a bid to discourage its workers from staying if they don’t want to stay Amazon is offering $10,000 (7 lac) to the employees to leave the company and start a new delivery business. Apart from this, the company will also pay the employees the equivalent of three months of their most recent gross salaries when they were working for the company.

Those who wish to participate in the Delivery program will be able to lease blue vans with the Amazon smile logo stamped on the side and take advantage of other discounts including fuel, insurance, branded uniforms and more. The offer is open to part-time and full-time Amazon employees.

According to claims made by Amazon- delivery partners could earn as much as $300,000 (INR 2 Crore) in annual profit by growing their fleet to 40 vehicles. Since the launch of the Delivery Service Partner program in June 2018, Amazon has enabled the creation of more than 200 new small businesses that have hired thousands of local drivers to deliver packages to Amazon customers,” Amazon said in Monday’s statement. “This year, the company plans to add hundreds of more new businesses, starting with employees-turned-business-owners.”

The e-commerce giant recently announced implementing its one-day Prime delivery decision, which was traditionally a two-day window. In 2019, the company plans to add hundreds of more delivery contractors, including the former employees who take up the offer, the report added.

Amazon has been trying to gear up an independent delivery service to handle packages now going to companies like FedEx as well as the Postal Service.

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