Android O, The 8.0 Version Rolls Out Today Alongside Solar Eclipse

The wait for the latest version of Android is over, as the 8th installment launches today. It will coincide the total solar eclipse in the United States. Named as Android O, it brings a horde of new features to make the mobile smartphone experience better and smoother than the previous installments.




Android O, is rumored to be named as “Oreo“, following their philosophy of naming their versions after sweet desserts. Other names rumored to be are “Octopus” or “Oatmeal Cookie”.

This was the official tweet made by Android.


The new version brings in a plethora of new features.

(1) Background Limits

It works as a power saving feature to limit background applications. Hence, battery life will increase.

(2) Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode

It allows users to continue watching videos while working with other apps. So now you can watch a YouTube video while chatting on Whatsapp!

(3) Notification Dots

It’s basically a small dot that appears on the app icons when there is a new notification. It will only appear in case of an unread notification.

(4) Faster boot time

Google has promised a faster boot time and apps loading time with Android O. Thus, apps will run and load faster, if you run Android O on a smartphone.

(5) New Emojis

The next version of Android will feature redesigned list of emojis. So, in place of the emoji that were known as blob faces, you will getting more circular faces.


With significant improvements in the new version pertaining to battery and speed, the new Android O will make the smartphone are far more user friendly experience in terms of UI, which right now is a forte of Apple iPhones. Google’s Pixel and Nexus shall receive the latest updates first.

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