Anupam Kher delivers a fiery speech at the Telegraph event slamming Congress party and JNU event

In the recent Telegraph National Debate 2016, veteran Bollywood actor Anupam Kher delivered a fiery speech which has certainly become the talk of the town. Anupam Kher lashed out at Justice Ashok Ganguly and congress leader RS Surjewala and the chief opposition party in his speech at the event where Bollywood actress Kajol, NDTV Editor Barkha Dutt and eminent socialite Suhel Seth were also present. Anupam Kher took to the intolerant battle against Justice Ashok Ganguly who had called the judgement of Supreme Court in Afzal Guru case was wrong. Kher condemned the Afzal Guru’s event at JNU slamming those who were behind the event where anti-national slogans were raised.Anupam Kher in his impassioned speech also made remarks on Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi and said that if Rahul Gandhi became even one-tenth of what Prime Minister Narendra Modi was, he would vote for him and that the congress party was tolerating a person who they are trying to project as the Prime Ministerial Candidate and if the congress party can tolerate him, then they can tolerate anything in this world.

Watch the full video here and we must tell you that its definitely worth a watch :

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