Bengaluru Startup Becomes The First In India To Deliver Diesel At Doorstep

These days, we are heavily accustomed to having our daily needs delivered at our doorstep, be it milk, newspapers, electronic items, grocery! Thanks to a plethora of online startups and the traditional retail businesses. But, what about our fuel needs? Well, a Bengaluru based startup named Mypetrolpump has began an ambitious project to deliver, right at your doorstep, one of the most important fuels of our day-to-day needs – Diesel!


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On June 15, Mypetrolpump conducted a soft launch with three delivery vehicles – each with a capacity of 950 litres. It has already delivered more than 5,000 litres of diesel. Diesel is delivered at the day’s running price with a fixed delivery charge.

The startup has got about 20 customers, including 16 schools, which have 250-300 buses for picking and dropping students, and a few apartments. One can place orders online, through a phone call or by downloading the free app.

The home delivery charges are Rs. 99 for any order of up to 100 litres. Above this, one has to pay Re. 1/ litre above the fuel price.

Mypetrolpump claims that it gets the fuel from authorized dealers of oil companies near the location provided by the customer. It also claims that the fuel is sourced only upon receiving pre-bookings from customers and does not purchase or stock the fuel prior to delivery to the customers.

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