Bollywood Junkies Rejoice! The World’s First Bollywood Theme Park Is Finally Here And It’s Amazing!

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The world’s first Bollywood themed park opened last week in Dubai and it’s absolutely stunning. The sets are exquisite, the rides sound more exciting than anything you’ve probably heard in Disneyland and not to mention the showbiz touch to it all. Sure we’ve all loved going to water parks and on amusement park rides ever since we were children, but Bollywood themed rides and games all in 4D? Nothing could possibly be better for the cinematic junkie that every Indian is at heart!


ThemePark Mumbai Chowk


The 4D experience goes beyond imagination through games and rides based on hit blockbusters such as Rock On, Lagaan and of course, the one and only, Sholay.




Apart from the clichéd amusement park attractions, they also have cinema halls that screen old time classics for whoever just wants to grab a snack and watch their favorite flick.


favorite flick



Even the restaurants are Bollywood themed, so give in to your hunger and dine with your friends and family on the sets of Mughal-e-Azam.

But the B-town fun doesn’t end there. There are also a series of featured music and dance performances, as well as cinematic features and behind the scenes secrets that’ll be revealed.



So, whether you live in Dubai or India, this is one place you should definitely add to your travel list if you want to see movie magic come to life!

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