Boozing In Public Will Land You Straight Behind Bars In Goa

The hip culture in Goa is what it is renowned for! Over the years, it has reduced, but one can feel the aura, something that makes Goa different from all the coastal destinations of India. Well, a trip to Goa is incomplete without a peg of your favorite (and inexpensive, of course!) booze, but, a new order by the Police will have you behind bars. The crime being? Consuming Alcohol.

Following complaints of broken glass being scattered on the beaches of Goa, the North Goa district police ordered a crackdown on drinking in public places, especially on beaches.

Superintendent of Police (North Goa) Karthik Kashyap said he has given orders to arrest people found drinking in the open public spaces under section 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

He said,

“We received a lot of complaints, both from tourists as well as locals, about people cutting themselves on broken liquor bottles while walking on the beaches as well as swimming in the sea. Therefore we have given instructions to the police to crack down severely on drinking of alcohol on beaches. A lot of people are facing inconvenience due to this nuisance of drinking in the open”

Some of the popular beaches such as Calangute, Anjuna, Baga have shacks on beach where liquor is served. People wander around after downing it and the bottles can be seen strewn on the beach sands.

Thus, the arrest instruction was given after a meeting between members of general public, representatives from the tourism sector and the police at Calangute police station. About 60-70 members participated in the meeting and hopefully should end the menace of drunkards in the beaches, specially in the night time who harass the tourists.

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