This Chennai Temple Has A New Menu For Its Prasad – Burgers & Brownies

When we think of temples, laddoos as prasad offered by the pundits and the devotees alike is what comes to the mind. There are so many different forms of prasad offered, but all of them are typically Indian sweets. However, a temple of Chennai has westernized its menu and offering an alternative that will delight your taste buds – Burgers & Brownies!

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Jaya Durga Peetham temple in Padappai, a Chennai suburb has decided to completely revamp their prasad menu! They believe anything “nutritious and prepared in a clean kitchen with a clean mind can be served to God.” Sounds logical right? If the offering is clean and offered with the right intentions, then why not?

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The menu and food is certified by FSSAI has an expiry date labelled on them. The temple has modernized the whole mechanism by installing vending machines in the premises. Devotees have to insert a token in the vending machine and they can get their brownies and burgers. The temple also gives cracker sandwiches and tomato cherry salads!

Sounds yummy, right? Wait till you hear more! The temple also offers “birthday cake prasadam” for devotees on their birthday. The officials say it works really well for the older people it adds a special touch when it comes from the temple. It also enlivens the spiritual atmosphere with these celebrations! Hope, other temples follow suit and come up with such marvelous menus!

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