Class 5 Girl Sent To Boy’s Loo In School As A Punishment For Not Wearing School Uniform

Crimes have plagued India since time immemorial with no end in sight. However, if these tragic incidents are committed against innocent school going children, then it is all the more gothic and grim in nature. Since the past few days, many such atrocities have occurred where children have fallen prey to their assailants. One of them being being an eleven year old girl being sent to the boys’ loo as punishment for not turning up in school uniform!

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The girl, who studies in 5th standard of a private school in Hyderabad, upon being asked for the reason of not wearing a school uniform, told the teacher she had given the uniform for being washed. Furious at this, she was given the punishment of sending her to the boys’ washroom on the first floor of the school building and made her stand there for some time.

She said,

“Some students from Class 4 saw me in the washroom and laughed at me. I felt very bad and ashamed.”

Her father, A Ramakrishna, complained to Child rights association president P Achyuta Rao. He has sought action against the insensitive staff and the school management. He said confining a girl to the boys’ washroom was nothing short of sexual abuse of a child.

Her father said,

“After returning home in the evening, my daughter was crying all through the night and is now refusing to go the school again. She wants me to shift her to another school.”

Telangana IT minister KT Rama Rao said,

“Ridiculous and absolutely inhuman. Will take it up with Hon’ble Deputy CM education (Kadiyam Srihari) for appropriate action on the school.”

Students’ unions staged a protest at the school on Monday morning. Protesters entered inside the school and ransacked the furniture demanding action against the staff who meted out the alleged punishment.

Under the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act, 2009, physical as well “mental harassment” of students is prohibited and a punishable offence. But despite this, children have to suffer the wrath of their teachers and other school authorities.

(1) Shahdara School, Delhi

Take the case of Delhi’s school in Shahdara, where a 5-yr-old was allegedly raped by peon in the school premises. The accused, Vikas Kumar, has been arrested.

(2) Ryan International School, Gurgaon

Another prominent is the case of Ryan International School in Gurgaon, where an 8-yr-old boy was sexually assaulted and killed in the toilet by the bus conductor, Ashok Kumar.

protest-outside-ryan-international-school_224dcf98-9554-11e7-8e40-f0ddfb773b93Image Source – Hindustan Times

Demonstrators, including parents of students, protested on Saturday outside Gurgaon’s Ryan International School as they demanded action against the institute.

(3) GD Goenka school, Delhi

A 10-year-old class 4 student of GD Goenka School in Indirapuram died after he fell on the second-floor corridor outside his classroom in the school complex on Tuesday morning. The boy’s family alleged negligence on part of the school authorities as the boy’s clothes were wet and there was a possibility that the floor was slippery due to uncleared water.

ghaziabad-corridor-hindustan-outside-authorities-ghaziabad-tuesday_c5b48612-76b5-11e7-83e1-68866f5cbeeeImage Source – Hindustan Times


The recent gruesome events depict that schools have become hunting ground where children have been falling prey to the school authorities. Such punishments and assault have a mental scar which torments the kids even in their youth. The laxity in the security has also been questioned. Although CCTV cameras play a vital role in nabbing the accused, it does not act as a deterrent. Parents have to rush incessantly to the courts, police and school, while going through harrowing experiences  to get justice for their deceased children.

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