Clear Your Instagram Feed For Delhi’s Newest And Quirkiest Artist; @Metrodoodle

The metropolitan of Delhi can now boast of its own indigenous artistic category that has come to life through the instagram account @metrodoodle. It’s not graffiti or chalk art, instead it’s animated doodles on the Delhi metro backdrop and they’re fast gaining popularity amongst Indian instagram users.

As his name suggests, metrodoodle spends his time travelling in the metro by clicking pictures of things that all of us come across in the metro and adding his own personal animated touch to the scene.

Check out some of his doodles here:



Looks like Santa got a little drunk this Christmas



All that music is bound to fry this guy’s brain


coach end point

So that’s why they tell you to ‘mind the yellow line’.


hiding metro

There’s a lot hiding in the metro station that we can’t see


jadoo metro

Well that’s certainly an unexpected passenger.


It sure is a quirky way to spice up the monotonous metro scenes that most of us come across every day! Follow the instagram page @metrodoodle to check out more whimsical doodles!

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