Delhi Accident Victim Lies On Road Without Help For 12 Hrs, People Steal Phone, Cash

Human empathy is tested during adversities, and if it occurs in public, then empathy goes for a toss. Such is the case that happened recently in Delhi, where a speeding car hit a man crossing the road. He lied on the road for 12 hours, whilst passersby ignored his cry for help.




They say that if you cannot help someone, atleast do not cause any harm. The passersby did the opposite! People stole the victim’s mobile phone, a bag containing clothes and even Rs. 12 in cash that was in his pocket.

Many road victims do not survive because of lack of timely help. However, 35-year-old Narender Kumar survived the accident. He received injuries to his neck, legs and spinal cord and is undergoing treatment at Safdurjung Hospital. Police said he will survive.

The Accident

Kumar, who works as a driver, was returning home from Jaipur on Tuesday evening and was crossing a road near Kashmere Gate bus terminal when he was hit by an unidentified speeding car around 5pm. He said,

“I was flung on the footpath because of the hit by the car. Unable to move because of the injuries, I lay on the roadside through the night.”

Delhi Police said a passerby finally made a call to the police control room on Wednesday morning after which a PCR van was sent to the spot. He was first moved to Sushruta Trauma Centre before transferred to Safdurjung Hospital.

Police have registered a case of rash and negligent driving and of causing hurt and were contemplating adding sections pertaining to theft in the case. The car and the suspected thieves who stole from Kumar have been not yet been identified.

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