These Different Covers Of Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ Will Get You Grooving In No Time

Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ has become a rage the world over, it is not just a song that is too melodious for the ears, but turning it into eye-popping dance numbers gets one grooving over it. It all began with the IIT-Roorkee and The Singing Dentist amazing rendition of ‘Shape Of You’ that got accolades, not to mention millions of hits over the social media. But, did you know there were other covers of the song as well, as good as the original one? Here, check them out!

(1) Sonali & Vijetha

This is a greatly choreographed cover with a hotness quotient! The Indian pairs’ moves will get your hip shakin’ in no time! It has close to 2 million hits on YouTube and rightly so!



(2)  Gaurav N Chandni

Another Indian pair dancing to the tunes of Shape Of You, with a scenic background. The dance moves are out of this world, with many viewers wanting the tutorial of the dance steps (which the choreographers have graciously shared!) No wonder this one has garnered more than 4 million views despite being just a 103 second video shot over iPhone!



(3) Kyle Hanagami

Kyle Hanagami’s cover is the pick of the list with over 46 million views! It has various members of the dance group coming in and performing few moves before another set from the group steps in. Kinda reminiscent of the step-up movies!


(4) Lia Kim

This one is similar to the previous one, with a couple of group of three dancers grooving into the Shape Of You number. The background dancers completely sync with the center lead, giving it an appealing effect to the video.


(5) Matt Steffanina

In case you want a long video, with multiple dancers covering it up for you, then this one just craves those needs! It is almost 9 mins long and can actually be a good workout session, if you want to jam it up to the song to get the perfect Shape of You! (No pun intended!)


(6)  Indian Odissi Classical Dance

This one is a refreshing take on the song by a tourism start-up from Odisha with a beautiful cover to promote Odissi dance. The traditional choreography cocktailed with western music is itself a skillful art, for which they have masterfully demonstrated!


In case, you’re missing the original version, then don’t worry! here is the original version:


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