Diljit Dosanjh Is Back! And This Time With Anushka Sharma In Their New Epic Romantic Comedy – Phillauri

After the critical success of Udta Punjab, Diljit Dosanjh has made a solid mark, not only in acting but also in singing with his melodious voice. Anushka Sharma, already an established actress, has moved onto taking the mantle of producing movies; and when these two come together? Well, check for yourself!



The two stars will be appearing together in the movie Phillauri, a romantic comedy movie. But, unlike other commercial masala flicks with no substance, this one stands out apart with a novel concept having a good backdrop.



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Set in Phillaur, Punjab, the movie is about a young man (Suraj Sharma, Life of Pi fame) who is declared a maanglik and has to marry a tree to ward off its evil effects.

However, things take a dramatic turn as a ghost (Anushka Sharma) appears before him and reveals that she was on that tree and now Suraj is married to her… a ghost!



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However, Suraj is supposed to marry his would-be-fiance in a few days and series of comical events follow the young man as he is haunted, albeit in a funny way, by the ghost.

After questioning the ghost’s intentions, we are taken back many years ago, in an old Punjab town where a young and promising singer is introduced, played by none other than Diljit Dosanjh.



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Diljit and Anushka are in love, but he decides to leave and vows to return once he has made a name for himself. The plot afterwards diverges to a string of serious circumstances.

The story is about how love can transcend beyond time, and is the reason that connects life with death with Anushka binding the two as well as the movie.



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The visual effects to portray a ghostly figure are elegant, whilst the song sung by Diljit makes one re-play the trailer a couple of times!

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