Doctors Get Into A Verbal Fight During Pregnant Woman’s Surgery, Child Dies

Medical calamities have been in the news for quite sometime now, specially those involving new born babies. The Gorakhpur tragedy took the country by storm, and no sooner has the shock from the incident subsided, than another incident from Jodhpur reveals the insides of medical hospital where the doctors spat inside the operation theatre, which ended up costing a new born baby’s life.


Two doctors at Jodhpur’s Umaid Hospital got into a verbal spat inside the operation theatre while a pregnant woman was undergoing an emergency C-section procedure.

The hotel superintendent said,

“When the woman was admitted, the fetus was in distress. It had a low heartbeat. We will probe the reason for the newborn’s death.”

The doctors have been identified as Dr Ashok Neniwal, a gynaecologist, and anesthetist Dr ML Tak. It is unclear why the two started quarreling. The video was shot on a mobile phone. One of the doctors can be heard saying, “You stay within your limits.”

The principal of Sampurananda Medical College, AL Bhat, said both the doctors were immediately removed from duty, while condemning the acts of the two.

Bhat said,

“A committee has been established to look into the matter and based on this committee’s report, a strict action will be taken against them.”

Negligence in work can be costly, but when it comes to medical line of work, it can have The Butterfly Effect, that is, a small miscommunication, ignorance or lack of attention can have huge repercussions such as loss of life.




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