The Drill For The Mumbai-Ahmedabad Undersea Bullet Train Begins

We have always been fascinated by bullet trains, the Japanese super-fast speeds covering a great distance in a short span of time has always made the news. Now, another news has hit the headlines of an upcoming bullet train, but this time in India!


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The upcoming project will be between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. To cut a shorter time, it will also have an undersea route making it the first undersea bullet train project of India. The train is touted to run at a whopping speed of 350kmph!

The test drills for the bullet train, stretching over 7 kms, has already begun and the overall construction of the 508 km corridor will begin from 2018.

But before the construction begins, extensive tests will be performed to identify the nature of the soil and the rock strata, and to know if the site can support the structure.

Most of the corridor will be elevated, while some parts will have underground and undersea routes. In December 2016, the Railway Ministry and National High-Speed Rail Corporation (HNSRC) signed a deal to complete this project with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The project has an expenditure of 1 Lakh Crore with Japan funding 80 percent of the funds.


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