Dumbledore’s Sassier Side Is Brought Out In These Hilarious Comics!

Every Harry Potter fan knows that Dumbledore was one of the wisest and most powerful wizards of all time, and the probably best headmaster Hogwarts has ever seen. In fact, there’s probably not a single Potterhead out there who wasn’t unexplainably sad when Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore took the fall in The Half Blood Prince. But one comic artist on tumblr has decided to show the world a lesser known side of everyone’s favorite headmaster, and believe it or not, it’s absolutely hilarious!

These comics will keep you laughing on end and make you love this more sassy and comical version of Dumbledore, no  doubt!

1. The truth about Dumbledore’s patronus



2. How Harry really got his scar


3. Dumbledore’s words for Snape



4. 10 points to Gryffindor



5. When Dumbledore found out about Hermione


6. Dumbledore on Instagram

Dumbledore on Instagram

7. The books from Dumbledore’s point of view

Dumbledore books8. Too sassy for Snape

Too sassy for Snape

9. Dumbledore reacting to Harry’s problems

naeHarry Potter

10. Dumbledore hiring Lockhart

Dumbledore hiring lockhart

11. The mirror of erised

The mirror of erised

12. The troll in the dungeon


13. Dumbledore and the ‘dumbleburn’


14. This letter of introduction

letter of introduction

15. Hagrid


 And well, apart from Dumbledore, Draco’s versions of the books are hilarious:

Draco malfoy Books

If you want to check out this artist’s tumblr, then here’s the link!

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