Explosives Found In UP Assembly, CM Adityanath Wants NIA Probe

Uttar Pradesh never fails to make news, specially when the new government was appointed. The UP security is in shambles as explosive powder was found inside the assembly of UP, right under their nose. This powder, found in a plastic bag has been identified as Pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PETN).



The powder was 150 grams and found near the seat of the leader of the opposition, Ram Govind Chaudhary. It was discovered during routine checks by assembly staff.

Yogi Adityanath Says,

“500 grams of the substance (PETN) is enough to blow up entire Vidhan Sabha, and this was 150 grams… this can be called nothing less than a direct infiltration and now the NIA (National Investigation Agency) must probe it immediately.”


He further added,

“Despite being the biggest Vidhan sabha in the country, there was not enough security and whatever three-tier security system the establishment has no coordination.”

To avoid this from repeating, he has added some extra security measures.

(1) MLAs will be not permitted to enter the assembly with mobile phones or bags.

(2) A quick-reaction team will be deployed around the secretariat premises.

(3) The secretariat pass issued by the secretariat administration will be reviewed.

(4) Personnel of the Provincial Armed Constabulary will be deployed for the security of the assembly and secretariat.

(5) Body and bag scanners will be installed in the Vidhan Bhawan.


The explosive powder PETN is one of the most powerful explosives among other and colourless in appearance. Thus, it is hard to detect in a sealed container. Police have arrested a man identified as Farhan Ahmed in the Rampur Karhana area of Deoria, who had allegedly called the additional director general of Lucknow and threatened to blow up the Vidhan Bhawan on August 15.

This incident questions the security measures taken in important events and political locations, given the recent intra-political tensions in the northern Indian state.

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