Failed Attempt Of Playing Hide And Seek By These Kids Will Make You Go Awww

No matter how much the technology excels or how involved the kids of today’s generation get involved with the gadgets, there’s one old school game that kids of every era just love to play even when they suck at it, hide and seek. Sometimes, their attempts at hiding are so bad that they are hilarious and people cannot go without clicking a picture of them hiding. Here are some of the pictures that are so cute that they’ll make you realize the innocence of kids all over again!

1. Almost there!




2. I could have never found you, little girl


little girl


3. Hands down, this one’s the cutest of all


Fail In Hide


4. There sure is a reason to why those toys are not inside the cubical


enhanced buzz


5.You can’t see me


kidshideandgo seek


6. How could the blanket be lying in the middle of the room?


blanket be lying


7. What are we even playing?


even playing


8. I can’t see you. You can’t see me. Period


kids hide and go seek


9. Pretty good, yeah!


kids hide and go seek


10. She sure manages to hide


enhanced buzz


11. And a box can always fit you in


kids hide and go seek


12. Are you sure that’ll work?


kids hide and go seek


13. Nope, that’s not right


you win okay youre the best at hide and seek


14. I want to say that you almost got it but..


15 kids hide and go seek


15. Handsdown, you win!



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