Fantastic Beasts Fan Theories That Just Might Answer All Your Questions

Harry Potter is unarguably one of the most popular creative franchises in the world and harbors an unimaginably large fan base as well. And now the entire population of the wizarding world fans have risen again as they have a new series to be excited about which kicked off with a bang in November as Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them hit the theaters.

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But certain aspects of the movie left a lot of people with questions. Like, what is going on with Seraphina Piquery and MACUSA, is Grindelwald the same guy we heard of in Hogwarts, does this mean Tom Riddle is not far from the screen, or why haven’t we ever met a wizard with Queenie’s ability before in all our years spent at Hogwarts and most importantly, WHO WAS LETA LESTRANGE?

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So are we, Newt, so are we.

But of course, the most common questions revolve around who we’ll get to see in the forthcoming movies (Hopefull Dumbledore and Hagrid).

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And with all these questions adrift on social media, there are definitely a number of fan theories coming to rise.

So here are all the answers that might answers those magical questions buzzing in your head:

What are all the locations teeming with Wizards that we can look forward to

wizard place

The difference between British and American spells

british and american spells
Remember Aragog? What if Newt was how he got to Hagrid.


The process of naming in the Wizarding World

wizarding world

Why they cast Johnny Depp as Grindelwald

johny depp
And finally, why after all this time, we loved this movie in all its wonder

harry potter love
One thing’s sure; we all know why we love Jacob Kowalski

jacob kowalski

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