This Farmer Has Found A Logical Solution Against The Burning Of Paddy Stubble To Stop Pollution

For the past six-seven days, people living in the Northern part of India, especially Delhi have been waking up to an extremely polluted morning and until today, the level of air pollution hasn’t shown even a tad bit of improvement forcing everyone to breathe the hazardous smog!

Similar to the previous year, this year too the major reason behind such a high level of pollution in the air is being considered the burning of paddy stubble (which is grown after the cultivation of rice-crops) by the farmers in the Punjab-Haryana regions and despite government officials putting a ban on the burning of stubble, the farmers continued to do so.

However, this video shows that some farmers have also found a logical solution to the problem which, if applied, can be beneficial to farmers and also prevent pollution level from growing uncontrollably.

Watch video: Here



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