In A First Of Its Kind, HCL Offers IT Professional Jobs To 12th Standard Pass Outs

Getting a job these days is a tough task and if you are an engineer, then you need more than that degree to become an employed, specially in a coveted software company. Now, there is some good news for those who have decided early in their high school about their future. (and no, you do not need an engineering degree!)

HCL Technologies Ltd, India’s fourth largest software services exporter is offering talented Class XII graduates with science background to work with them with starting salary of Rs 1.8 lakh per annum.

Those who are selected will be trained to develop and test apps for the firm. HCL will debut this programme in Madurai, in which it will recruit 100 students who passed Class XII and directly absorb them in the company after one year training on its Coimbatore campus.

But what about their graduation? You might wonder. Well, they have a plan for this too. They will have weekend classes at SSN Engineering college through a weekend college programme.

HCL Technologies vice-president Srimathi Shivashankar said:

“There is great emphasis on higher education in Tamil Nadu, but the state also has many families that cannot afford an engineering education. The programme will give an opportunity to students who can’t afford a regular course.”


This is a great initiative to employ those who cannot afford graduation, those from rural areas who aspire to work in a MNC but are not given any opportunities as they are limited by their circumstances. However, if we look at a broader picture, there are several industries such as telecommunications, networking, BPOs, Sales & Marketing executives, HR executives, even Govt. Jobs who employ 12th pass outs. The workforce can be easily trained for dedicated tasks and since they are not graduates, the salary offered is less too, which is beneficial to the company and since you need not be a graduate, employment increases! It is a win-win situation on both the ends and hence, it was only a matter of time when the Software industry stepped in!

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