Get A Glimpse Of Nicolas Cage’s Epic Journey To Hunt Down Bin Laden In Army Of One

From the director of the ecstatically humorous creation Borat, comes the movie Army of One which yet again promises to be entertaining and if nothing, at least give you a good laugh. The movie  stars Gary Faulkner (ex conman and handyman) played by the one and only, Nicolas Cage who is called upon by God (Russel Brand) probably because even God knew that Nicolas Cage would never say no! And all he has to do is track down Osama Bin Laden (easy, right?).


Despite how many of Cage’s movies have turned out to be, this one seems promising although hilariously bizarre as far as the trailer goes. Not to mention, a trendy version of Russel Brand as the almighty. Check out the trailer for yourself:

Featuring a whole new look for Nicolas Cage that’ll sure as hell spawn a truck load of memes in the time to come and unconventional humour of the sort we all saw and loved in The Dictator, this movie sure as hell is going to be the talk of the town when it hits theatres.

army of one nicolas cage

Set to release on November 4th; mark your calendars to witness the movie where Nicolas Cage finally finds a purpose!

watch nic cage hunts

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