“Go To Pakistan”, Youths Insult An Elderly Muslim Man In Delhi Metro

Just recently in Ireland, an Irish woman yelled at an Asian to “go back to India”, highlighting the grim reality of racism existing in the western countries even today. India is often known to adopt western culture, music, food cuisines, movies and now the list is growing with a new and perturbing entrant – Racism.

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Whilst minorities have always been subjected to some subjugation or domination due to religious abuse, it is only getting worse with threats to leave the country and excluding them out. Such was the case of an incident in a Delhi metro!

An aged Muslim man was denied a seat in Delhi metro by a group of youth, who hurled abuses at him over his appearance. The young men turned down the request of a senior citizen of vacating a seat and told him to go to Pakistan if he wishes to get a seat in the coach.

A Facebook post by Kavita Krishnan revealed the cruel incident into the limelight.

Later on, the National Secretary of AICCTU, Santosh Roy, intervened to help the old man, but the youth held Roy by the collar and told him to go to Pakistan too. Finally, a guard entered the compartment and took the youth under custody at the Pandara Road police station. However, the old man did not file any complaint and had accepted the youth’s apology later on keeping their age in mind.

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