Here Is Why Apple’s iPhone 8 Is Not Likely To Succeed!

Apple has always been a haven for technological innovation right from its inception. From personal computers with graphics, networking that brought people closer, slim iPods that changed the way we listened to music, iPads when the trend of tablet was gaining momentum and finally to its flagship smartphone series – iPhone. Every year in September, it releases a new model, with new and enhanced features that have been drool-worthy. But, not this time, when iPhone 8 releases.

Lack Of Innovation



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Off late, iPhone series has been lagging behind in its innovation department. The notable difference highlighted every year is the larger screen that they are providing, which was found to be amusing and dis-satisfying to the iPhone users who have to wait for one year for the next upgrade.
The only big feature that iPhone rolled out last year in iPhone 7 – wireless earphones, disappointed many. They did have the option to listen through an adaptor, but then, they would not be able to charge their phones!
So iPhone users would want to continue using their current iPhones and not go for the upgrade as there is very less to offer.

Costly Affair



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This is what iPhone has been focusing on that does not gel with the users, the cost of an iPhone. As per recent Forbes report, once the new model is out, the older one becomes cheaper and since the older iPhones are not so different than the newer ones, people buy the older ones. This can put a serious dent on the sales of iPhone 8.

Android Competition



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iPhone 7 got some boost, due to Samsung’s exploding Note 7 debacle. But this time, Samsung is looking to put itself ahead in the race with its Samsung S8 and Note 8 that releases this year.


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There are cheaper options as well, such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Moto, Lenovo who are competing in the Asian markets and have also seen some recent success in the Western and European markets. This makes it more difficult to grab hold of its consumers for Apple.
Other companies have succeeded in bringing the same technology at a cheaper rate, and Apple has failed to come up with a successful workaround to this.

Beyond The Steve Jobs Legacy



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Steve Jobs always believed in quality over quantity. During his era, the devices released were very few, but each had a charm of its own that made Apple a unique and an outstanding entity in the world of electronics.
But, after his demise, the Tim Cook-led Apple has been re-routing their strategy that emphasizes more on the number of products released every year, thereby putting the consumers in a state of conundrum.
Apple will have to re-innovate itself, if it wants to be ahead of its Android counterparts, especially at a time, when Chinese companies are trying to gain a foothold in the American market. Until then, iPhone 8 is less likely to succeed in a market that has just recently seen the resurgence of Nokia!



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