How the Olympics have changed: Then and Now

As the Rio Olympics came to an end, athletes finally got the time to go home, kick back and relax after the hard work that they put into competing and training for the grand event. And others have even begun to gear up for the next Olympics to be held in 2020. Yes, it’s been 120 years since the very first Olympic event was introduced to the world in Athens, and you won’t believe how much the entire ceremony, as well as the sporting events have changed. So let’s end this 30th Olympic bonanza with a blast from the past and take a look at how much the Olympics have changed in the past years.

1. The opening ceremony

olympics ceremony

2. The Stadiums

olympics stadium
3. Athletics

oltympic athletes
4. Cycling

Cycling in Olympics
5. Fencing


6. Gymnastics

Gymnastics in Olympics
7. Sailing

Sailing in Olympics
8. Shooting

Shooting in Olympics
9. Swimming

Swimming in Olympics
10. Tennis

Tennis in Olympics
11. Weightlifing

Weightlifing in Olympics
12. Wrestling

Wrestling in Olympics

13. The Prize Distribution Ceremonies

The Prize Distribution Ceremonies


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