In Case You Missed.. WhatsApp’s New Upgrade Brings 9 New Cool Features

Nothing has integrated into our lives more than the messenger WhatsApp. We keep checking it for any new message from someone close, to see videos to pass the time and share jokes to have a quick laugh. So, whenever a new upgrade of WhatsApp is into the foray of our smartphones, we are eager to check out what new features it ushers with! And this time is no exception… with a total of 9 new features!!



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In a massive upgrade, the new WhatsApp will include these features:

1. Users now get a ‘call back’ option in the application. The feature appears on the app screen after a call is declined.

2. Users can not only share GIF animations from the gallery of their smartphone but also search it within the app!

3. Taking on Skype, WhatsApp now provides a video-calling feature by simply opening a conversation with the contact, tap on the call icon on the top right corner and then select the Video Call option.


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4. Taking on Snapchat as well, WhatsApp now allows you to be as much creative as possible by overlaying emojis and doodles over photos before sending them!

5. The video calling is optimized for the telecom networks, so if you have a great 4G or a Wi-Fi connection, the quality will be HD and if the signal is of poor strength, then the resolution will be reduced so that the video call connection is maintained.

6. WhatsApp’s upgrade now also supports upto 10 Indian languages. Now, full freedom to send jokes in your own language!

7. The limit of sending only 10 media files has been increased to over 30 files now.

8. Now, you can also send messages even if there is no internet connection. The message will be delivered once your internet connectivity in the phone resumes.

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9. The company’s new feature will allow users to share photos, videos and animated GIFs with friends and family, all of which will disappear in 24 hours.



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