This Innovative Vertical Farm Concept Can End Hunger In African Regions!

Not too long ago, we came across concepts of vertical gardens to cover the pillars of flyovers and metros in a city to cover up for the dearth of open spaces and the drastic reduction in the natural landscape. Now, a novel idea takes this concept further, which could prove to be a ‘Green Revolution’ of the 21st century – Vertical Agriculture

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eVolo, a magazine that holds competitions to invite path-breaking skyscraper concepts, announced the Mashambas skyscraper as the winner. Mashambas is a Swahili word that means ‘cultivated’. It is a vertical farm that can feed an entire town in the sub-Saharan Africa!

This farm can also be disassembled to shift to a newer locations as per requirement! Pawel Lipiński and Mateusz Frankowski, the Polish architects have designed the farm where crops would be grown on its upper floors and will have the provisions to store seeds and fertilizers.

The remaining floors would have kindergarten classrooms, a doctor’s room, and a docking port for drones that would be used to transport food from the farm to far-off regions. The ground floor will open its doors to an open-air market, where farmers will sell their produce. This project, which one from over 4000 entries, is yet to be executed, and is touted to be the next big reformation to end starvation in many African regions.

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