Inspiring Story Of Shalom Blac from A Burn Survivor To Beauty Vlogger

Everyday our Instagram or Facebook gets flooded with tons of make up transformations. Needless to say, people have started taking make up very seriously. But you would be surprised to see how this burn survivor has done some of the most inspiring make up transformations. Shalom Blac, a 20 year old beauty vlogger, hails from Nigeria. She had a major accident when she was 9 which involved frying oil at her family’s food store which left her with some serious burns on her face, head and shoulder. Eventually she discovered make up and today she is one of the best make up artists you have ever seen. Shalom Blac has various Youtube tutorials which not only show her amazing make up transformations but she says she uses it to inspire people to feel comfortable in their own skin and love themselves with or without make up.

Check out her video below :

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