Irrfan Khan Says He Has Contracted A Rare Disease, Will Fight For Choices

Life can be unpredictable, so it is best to live one day at a time and to its fullest because what is in store for us, we never know. Last week, we saw a tragic example of this, with the demise of the first female superstar Sridevi. Now, no sooner did the shock subside, than another Bollywood actor has sent ripples with his post on social media. The actor being – Irrfan Khan!



The actor tweeted today about his circumstance. In his heartfelt message, he describes how the rare disease has caught up with him in a jolt. He has not described the nature of his disease as he is going through the diagnostic stage and shall come up with the details once he has a concrete report on the same.

Meanwhile, he has assured that he has support from family and friends and has called out to everyone to not speculate anything regarding his disease.

Indeed, with media going all frenzy with stories and speculations regarding Sridevi’s untimely demise, actors now have to be cautious with what they say regarding their health. It is because when the half-baked truth comes out, the other half is fabricated┬áby media and people in the most insensitive way.


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