Ishant Sharma Trolls Steve Smith On Field And Twitter Has A Field Day

India Vs. Australia cricket match has always been more than just a sport ! It is the tensing emotions between the two countries, the sledging to dominate one another, the scorching sweat in the summer, everything adds up to enthusiasm of watching it. What’s more? If there is a funny incident by a player, then the Twitter Police catches the perpetrator immediately! This is exactly what happened with Ishant Sharma!

Ishant has been troubling Australian captain Steve Smith with some fiery bowling…

None animated GIF


… and then he trolls him!


None animated GIF

Little did Ishant know that the tables would turn on him over Twitter!

  1. The dreadful question.

2. He disapproves!

4. Hidden feelings come out!

6. Men In Black sequel in the making!

7. The GOT connection

9. The resemblance is uncanny.


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