It’s Time To Pack Your Bags And Step Out The Door With These Travelling Myths Busted!

Let’s face it, travelling is something that pretty much everyone loves to do. But with the busy lives that that everyone has these days, it’s hard to take the time off for a vacation. And well, when there’s time on your hand then, there are other problems and misconceptions that go through your mind whenever you think about taking a trip away from home. But what you probably don’t know is that most of the things that are holding you back are things are delusions on your part, so let’s bust some of the most common travelling myths and get you ready to take a long needed break!

1. Traveling solo isn’t safe


Sure it’s unsafe if you start to wander around in deserted lanes or hitch a ride with suspicious people, but in truth, traveling solo is pretty much as safe as traveling with a group. Not to mention, it’s something that you’d probably enjoy more if what you’re seeking is some peace of mind.

2. Taking your own vehicle on long route trips is expensive

Travelling with friends

As a matter of fact, it’s quite the opposite. I mean, sure it’ll be a little pricier to pay for gas rather than just book a ticket but think of the comfort and experience of travelling in your own vehicle! Not only do you get to move along at your own pace, but you can take breaks and stop along the way whenever you like!

3. Credit cards are the worst way to make payments

Credit Card

You might think that using your credit card on a vacation will leave you bankrupt but in truth if you use it carefully and  sensibly then you can actually get the better end of the deal in many cases through various credit card tie ins that’ll give you certain discounts and better rates!

4. Lower cost means lower quality


In some cases, this might turn out to be true; but not always! In some cases lower rates lead to better results and a heavier pocket on your part. So try out some less popular or lesser-known locales and you’ll surely end up with a smile on your face without burning a hole in your pocket.

5. Travelling after kids isn’t as fun

Travel with Family

Maybe you can’t enjoy drinks or night time outings as much as you would have if you didn’t have your kids tagging along. But there is a whole world of other fun filled activities that you can enjoy while travelling with your kids and well, after the day is done you always have the night for that much needed alone time, right?

6. Off season travelling means a second rate vacation

Off Season travelling

Off season travelling defines visiting popular locations in seasons that they’re not as filled with tourists and when the travelling and lodging expenses have plummeted drastically. Sure in some cases it might defeat the point of going to the specific locale, but in others it’s worth the deal!

7. International trips take a lot of moolah

Travel World

Have you always wanted to travel the world but have been avoiding it because you think it’ll be too hard on your pocket? If you go about the process with enough sensibility and care then you can probably bag the right deals and packages that’ll make an international trip cost not much more than a local one, so don’t let your apprehensions get in the way of chasing your dreams!

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