Ivanka Is Completely Smitten By Canadian PM Justin Trudeau And The Twitteratis Are Back With The Best Memes


When the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits a country, fireworks are bound to flash in broad daylight! And this is exactly what happened, when Justin visited the United States on his first visit post Trump administration. Little did he know that there would be more to Ivanka’s smiling ogles at him than meets the eye! Atleast as per the body language experts – Twitterati!

1. Ivanka be like, “If only we had met in college!”



2. Ivanka caught from all angles!


3. It is not just Ivanka who is bowled over!



4. Kate, we can totally understand.


5. Justin Trudeau Vs. Ivanka’s beau!


6. I guess Justin just does that to everyone!


7. The poets… They have spoken.



8. Justin is literally leagues apart, Ivanka!


9. The Tru(deau) Man Show!



10. A lesson learnt


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