Jab Harry Met Sejal Mini-Trailer 5, Ring Kahan Hai Unveils The Plot

We have been getting bits and glimpses of the upcoming movie ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ in the form of mini-trailers, and our curiosity levels have only escalated over time. Each new mini-trailer connects the dots with the previous ones, and the more we know, the more impatient we get for the full length trailer. Though, there is still time for that, the newly released mini-trailer 5 shall suffice for now!





The plot surrounds the engagement ring of Sejal (Anushka Sharma) which is lost and how she along with Harry (Shahrukh Khan) go to multitudinous locations to recover it.

Sejal is in a conundrum as to where she may have dropped it, to which Harry goes berserk at the very thought of it! He expresses his anguish over her confusion whether the ring is under a sofa or in Prague or Budapest!



So, the trailer follows the journey of these two attempting to find the ring and in the process understand the meaning of love and relationships better.

Watch mini-trailer 5 here:



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