Japanese Couple Travels 6000 Kms To Tamil Nadu To Have Their Dream Wedding

India has a rich and diverse culture and heritage, specially in marriage customs and rituals. It garners a lot of attention globally. These deep-rooted traditions act as a pillar of Love, which they say has no boundaries. Well, a Japanese couple has literally made the popular saying true. They came all the way down to Tamil Nadu to have a perfect Tamilian style wedding!

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Chiharu Obata and Yuto Ninaga had earlier got married on 1 April 2017. However, their love for Tamilian culture drew them to come over Tamil Nadu and have the wedding of their dreams. It was in fact Chiharu’s friend who bolstered her confidence to come to Madurai and get wed there.

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The friend, an Indian Tamil couple living in Japan made all the arrangements for the Japanese couple in Madurai.Yuto wore the traditional white veshti and white shirt, while his better half Chiharu dressed in a red and gold sari and an orange blouse.

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Chiharu, said,

“My name is Chiharu, I’ve come here from Japan. When I was in college, I was studying linguistics, and I chose to study Tamil. I came here for my research, and I really like the country and the culture. I have always wanted to have a wedding as per Indian traditions.”


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The wedding went as per the book. Ganesh Sharma, the priest who conducted the wedding, said that they conducted all the rituals such as Kashi YatraSapthapathi (seven circum-ambulations) and Kanyaa-daanam (giving away of the bride by her father).

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Chiharu, who speaks fluent Tamil, said, “Tamilila enakku ellame pidikum (I love everything in Tamil),” Yuto’s love for Tamil is apparent as he is a fan of Kollywood actors Dhanush and Vijay. Thus, Indian traditions maintain its niche identity in the world!

You can catch their wedding video here:


Video Credits: Yazh Iniyan
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