King Khan Is Back With A Bang! Here’s The Complete Review Of Raees!

The King Khan returns, and in style! The much anticipated movie of 2017, Raees, has finally released today and is sure to woo the audience with a quintessential vigilante performance. With witty dialogues complementing the well-choreographed action, the glitz and glamour in the gripping and realistic storyline, the songs that sweeps one off his feet, makes this movie a complete Bollywood package that has a visually appealing experience.

The Beginning…


Set in Gujarat during the 70’s and 80’s, when alcohol prohibition was imposed for over two decades. The movie narrates the story of Shah Rukh Khan who plays the titular character Raees Alam.

As a child, Raees is a runner for a bootlegger. Later on, he runs into a policeman who reprimands him, only to be saved by his mother. The policeman ridicules his mother for being a ragpicker to which she replies,” Koi dhanda chhota ya bada nahi hota, aur dhande se bada koi dharm nahin hota.”

Raees Rises…


Raees is highly impacted by this incident and decides to start his own venture of imported spirits, rather than being a petty runner for someone.
He becomes successful in this business as he grows up, outsmarting the law and competitions until he meets his match.

A New Cop In The Town…


ACP Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is posted in the area to stop Raees, whose illicit alcohol business is in full swing. Majmudar’s one liners are apt and lighten the mood with comic relief in this otherwise action-filled drama.
The first half is paced nicely, with Raees going about his entrepreneurial act, Majmudar trying to put an end to it and the classic remake of the song Laila Main Laila by Sunny Leone that has the crowd on their feet, with the confident Mahira Khan, playing the better half of Raees.

Raees- The People’s Man…


The second half is the time when Raees sheds his immorals and dons the hat of an anti-hero, Robin Hood style. We get to know Raees as a human being, the challenges faced when he reaches the top of the ladder, the betrayals and the twists that follow. This part is a tad bit slower and can test the patience of the audience.



The Verdict – 3.5/5


After spreading his arms in his trademark style for too long, Shah Rukh Khan has finally given a performance that he should have been doing in the last two-three years. Kudos to director Rahul Dholakia for bringing back SRK in his forgotten intense and strong character that his fans were longing for. The cinematography makes this movie as realistic as possible. Nawazuddin Siddiqui, yet again, gives an extraordinary performance with a good and equally important screen space along with the King Khan. A movie like Raees comes once in a while and with Shah Rukh Khan the movie is set to make some good bucks at the box office. So, book your tickets and watch this kickass movie and let us know your thoughts on the movie in the comment section below.

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