Linkin Park Replacing Their Lyrics With ‘Naan’ Is The Most Punny Thing On Twitter Today

Linkin Park is a name on everyone’s playlist. The band who introduced us to Alternative Rock music, having songs for every mood with the popular one’s being In The End, Numb, Shadow Of The Day. Linkin Park has a huge fanbase in India and we have been desperately waiting for them to hold a concert so that we can re-live the 1990’s and the early 2000’s moment.

Maybe they have a plan to visit India, or maybe not. But, a shoutout by Mike Shinoda on Twitter followed by Chester Bennington response shows that all hope is not lost!

Here’s the tweet by Mike Shinoda with a desi pun to their new song Heavy!


In response to that, Chester replied a funny tweet by tweaking the lyrics of their hit number Numb.

The fans were as amusing with their twitter responses!

1.Numb reloaded.

2. This guy is left hungry!

3. Pun skills – Pro!

4. Seedhi baat! Come to India!

Whether it is a promotional gig for their new album One More Light or a hint for the next concert in India, we just cannot wait anymore for either! And everyone’s reaction is just the same…




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