Here Is A List Of 15 Incidents That Made 2017 Eventful

2017 was a year to reckon with! Many eventful things happening all around the world, including India. From anticipated movies, to celebrity trolling, marriages of the year, governmental policies, Indian sports reaching ground-breaking heights, some records by Indian technological companies, mobile phones and crypto-curries reaching record prices and hilarious facepalm moments. So, with New Year just around the corner, here is a countdown to all the things that lead to a mind-blowing year of 2017!

(1) Oscar Award Goof-up

The year begins with the Oscars, and the hype is all worth it! But, the goof-up at the end had everyone in splits and confusion! ‘La La Land’ was announced as the Best Picture, the winners came on stage and gave the acceptance speech and it turned out that ‘Moonlight’ was the actual winner! So, it became quite an embarrassment for the La La Land crew on stage. Probably, a goof-up!


(2) ISRO’s 104 satellite launches

A proud moment, but definitely not the first for India and ISRO when it comes to satellite launches! A record of 104 satellites were launched into space by ISRO successfully. Consequently, it made global headlines with appreciation from all corners. As a result, India has established a strong foot hold in satellite research.


(3) Canadian PM Justin Trudeau got the social media swooning

Justin Trudeau, with his Disney Prince looks, and immigrant-friendly & humane policies became an overnight sensation. Every once in a while, we saw Twitteratis being swept away by the PM, not to mention the celebrities of-course…



(4) Logan breathes his last in 2017


Of the many super-hero movies that came in 2017, one of them stood out apart – Logan. One of the reasons being a very unconventional movie of its genre, but the primary one being that the actor who portrayed the role, Hugh Jackman decided to hang up his boots, after convincingly clawing the character for 17 years in 9 movies!


(5) Dove’s bottle figures depicting various shape of women

20170509204325-dove-bottles-promoDove created a campaign to “Celebrate the Many Shapes and Sizes of Beauty” for women by launching bottles of various shapes. It was controversial, and many twitterati trolled it!


(6) The rise of Dhinchak Pooja!

Dhinchak Pooja had become a household name on everyone’s social media feeds! Her wayward style of singing and kooky lyrics were exactly the reasons for her ‘infamous’ success! Hence,  it is no wonder every video got more than 3 million views thanks to trolls!


(7) India’s biggest tax reform launched – GST Tax

gst-essay (1)

“One Nation, One Tax” was the philosophy adopted to launch Goods and Services Tax in July 2017. It ended 17 different types of taxes and clubbed them into one tax having 4 brackets! Thus, it brought about disruption and confusion in many small and big businesses alike, but hopefully the growth and economy shall pick up from 2018.


(8) Eiffel Tower turns off to mourn the Las Vegas and Barcelona victims

2017 also saw a spree of attacks on the citizens of many countries in the public, most notably in Las Vegas. Many lost their lives and got injured. In a tribute to them, Eiffel Tower completely went dark to show solidarity among the afflicted.


(9) AI gone wrong


Facebook has been working incessantly on Artificial Intelligence. However, to their horror, the Facebook chat-bots started interacting with each other, in an out of control fashion, apparently in their own language! Fearing something worse, researchers shut it down. However, this came days after Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s warning of Mark Zuckerberg knowing little about AI!


(10) Apple launches the costliest smartphone ever – iPhone X!


iPhone launches are highly hyped ones, and rightly so. Apple is the epitome of smartphone innovation and everyone around the world are eager to wait for the next iPhone launch. Come 2017, and everyone got more than what they had bargained for – iPhone X at 1000$ (over Rs. 1 Lac).


(11) Srikanth Creates India badminton record


K Srikanth has been in an impeccable form in 2017 by winning Indonesia, Australia, Denmark and French super series titles. He became only the fourth to do so and became the first Indian to also reach three consecutive super series finals!


(12) Phogat sisters create Dangal



Phogat sisters upon whom ‘Dangal’ was inspired from continue to soar new heights.  Last month, Ritu Phogat grabbed the silver medal in the 48kg category in World U-23 Wrestling Championships being held in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This was India’s first silver in an elite championship. Also, Geeta Phogat won a Gold medal in All India Police Championship 2017. Vinesh Phogat won a gold medal in the National championship at Indore. Also, a biopic made them stars. So, 2017 was indeed memorable for the Phogat sisters. 


(13) #MeToo campaign


Sexual assault is a menace that does not get the attention it deserves to eradicate the problem. Hence, actress Alyssa Milano, triggered by the multitudinous assaults done film producer and executive Harvey Weinstein, popularised the #MeToo campaign for women to speak out their drastic experiences. Hence, it became highly popular with millions of tweets and posts on Twitter and Facebook.


(14) Bitcoin reaches record price!


When 2017 began and if you talked about ‘Bitcoins’ and ‘Cryptocurrencies’, people might reply in a conundrum, “say what?”. No one had many ideas about it. 1 Bitcoin was worth 800$ (Roughly, Rs. 52,000), within less than a year, its value sky-rocketed to 19,000$ (close to Rs. 13 lacs)! Hence, many were distraught with the missed opportunity. Furthermore, Bitcoins have been hanging around since 2008 that added salt to the wounds! Investing yet? About time!


(15) Virat-Anushka walk down the aisle!


The wedding of the year, with the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli finally settling down with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma. The wedding was grand with the two tying the knot in Italy. It created all the hysteria over the news and social media with fans drooling over the match made in heaven.

2017 was certainly an eventful year. Furthermore, it laid the foundation of eventful things to look forward to in 2018. So, let us know in the comments what you are looking forward to in 2018.

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