L&T Grabs A $100 Million Contract To Build Social Media Analytics To Nail Tax Evaders

The Government has been incessantly finding out ways to tackle the tax evaders. It began with the ambitious demonetization which, many experts have said, went kaput. Now, a grander scheme is on the horizon, with L&T grabbing a whopping 100 million dollar contract to track the social media activities of a person to find out whether he has been evading taxes or not!





The Central Board of Direct Taxes has provided the contract. The project involves creating a ‘semantic web’ where web pages are structured and tagged in such a way that can be directly read by the computers.


L&T Infotech chief executive and managing director Sanjay Jalona said,

“We are creating a systematic web on a person. If his wife is going to the Seychelles and putting photos on Instagram, we will capture it.”


Slowing economic growth will mean lower GDP growth and also lower tax collection. Hence, the government is keen on increasing taxes with the help of data analytics. Apparently, the government has a lot of money to track those with a lot of money!


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